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When you need somebody to lean on

April 12, 2021 — by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management Even in the best of times, incomplete and under-developed family support systems with strained familial relationships and poorly developed communication skills can be extremely challenging and futile. As one is aging and in need of support from the many resources necessary for successful aging, gaps in these basic areas can often make the aging journey an... Read More

What our clients teach us

February 3, 2021 — by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management Here we are in February 2021 and I think we all had hoped that we would turn the page from one of the most challenging years of our lives toward a healthy start fresh. So far the turn of the page has been a very slow process.... Read More

As the Year comes to a Close, we Reflect…

December 7, 2020 — by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management Welcome to December and the close of a year filled with change, challenge, chaos, and community. At Elder Care Management we started the year 2020 facing change within as our leadership shifted and we were necessarily regrouping.  We faced change right out of the gate, not realizing... Read More

Gratitude During a Pandemic… a good practice

November 2, 2020 — by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management As Aging Life Care Managers we have the opportunity, privilege, and responsibility to keep our client’s mental and physical well-being at the forefront of our service. We focus on our client’s health and overall well-being as our mandate and our commitment, particularly in this uncertain and challenging... Read More

Social Isolation and Depression: The Impact on Health & Well-Being

September 2, 2020 — by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management Social Isolation and depression often go hand in hand and can impact both one’s physical and emotional well-being.  It can also augment a person’s level of depression or anxiety which can consequently increase the risk of dementia by 40%. The research shows that social isolation and loneliness are... Read More

The Role of Care Management in these Most Challenging Times

August 3, 2020 — by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management Your concerns… our solutions. Such a wonderful and lofty opportunity we envisioned and we repeatedly accomplished with our care management services, until a major pandemic came to be and things changed for everyone. Care management for us is about person-centered care and sculpting the services and... Read More

We All Need Someone to Lean On

May 14, 2019 — by Ginger McMurchie, ECMNCA Owner & Care Manager The Rolling Stones got it right with the lyrics “We all need someone to lean on” -we do! Whether we are rich in family and friends or have few people we can count on, it is good to remember that there are many who suffer from depression,... Read More